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Physiotherapy Health Center with home service specialized in Cardiac Rehabilitation

FISIO BAT was born from the need for a cardiology recovery center in the Garraf area.

With a private, independent premises, new facilities and a fully personalized service, we are interested in being able to deal with each case in particular by detecting the existence or not of possible irregularities, quantify them if they exist and expose the different ways of action for its solution.

Frequently asked questions

How we work.

Does physiotherapy hurt?

Depending on each injury, mobilizations can be uncomfortable and/or painful. Even so, we will look for the best option for you.

Can I come for a massage?

Physiotherapy is more than just a massage. However, massage is one of the techniques used to treat and relax the affected area.

If it's very inflamed, can I come for a session?

Depending on the injury, mobilizations can be uncomfortable and/or painful. Nevertheless, we will look for the best option for you.

If I am pregnant can I come?

Yes, our physiotherapists will adapt the therapy to the pregnancy.

Is one session enough? How many sessions do I need?

In the first session you will have a diagnosis part and a treatment part. Depending on your case, the physiotherapist will tell you how many sessions are necessary for the treatment and their frequency.

Do I have to go to the doctor first?

In the first session we will give you a diagnosis prior to treatment. If you have been to the doctor, we will include in the report everything you have (x-ray, analysis, tests, etc.) that will help us with the diagnosis.

Do you have doubts or need advice?