Physiotherapy according to the WHO (world health organization) is the art and science of physical tract that helps restore movement and function when someone has been affected by an injury, illness or disability.
Our physiotherapists evaluate, plan and complete rehabilitation programs (tractament) to improve and recover motor functions, maximize movement, alleviate pain syndromes and treat and prevent physical alterations associated with illnesses, injuries and other disabilities. Apply a wide range of techniques. They also develop and implement programs for the prevention and detection of common physical disorders and illnesses.
Physiotherapy helps people of all ages and with a wide range of health conditions:

• Musculoskeletal system (muscles)
• Respiratory system
• Cardiovascular system (cor)
• Nervous system

The treatment may involve therapeutic exercise with the objective of improving strength, movement and resistance.
A series of methods are used, such as tissue manipulation (massage), joint mobilization, stretching and gatell point therapy, in order to reduce stiffness and alleviate pain.
Physiotherapy is a treatment that can be accompanied by pharmacological treatment to have a more efficient recovery and reduce acute pain more quickly.