Physioaesthetics combines physical therapy techniques with aesthetic procedures to improve physical appearance and treat conditions such as cellulite, sagging, and scars. Its focus seeks health and well-being, in addition to aesthetics.


It is a treatment technique for mothers who have given birth:
– For belly flaccidity
– For stretch marks
– For abdominal diastasis
– For cesarean scar
– To reshape the entire area

Whether you are a new mother or if your baby has been around for a while, the best gift is to take care of yourself.

Write to us and ask how we can help you regain your pre-baby body! ✨

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At [Fisiobat](, our physiotherapist will advise you on how to resume physical activity and sports after childbirth. And how to manage abdominal pressure to protect the pelvic floor and abdomen.

Practical tips on:
💡 Abdominal breathing
💡 Control of the abdominal girdle during effort
💡 Hypopressive exercises

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