Physiotherapy Health Center with home service specialized in  Cardiac Rehabilitation

FISIO BAT was born from the need for a cardiology recovery center in the Garraf area.

With a private, independent location, new facilities and a totally personalized service, we are interested in being able to treat each case in particular, detecting the existence or not of possible irregularities, quantifying them if they exist and exposing the different courses of action for their solution.


Elena (Secretary):

Hi, I’m Elena Baro Martin, FisioBat administrator and secretary. You will find me just coming in to take care of you and solve your questions. I have lived in Sant Pere de Ribes for many years. I am very excited to be part of the FisioBat team and very motivated with this project.

FisioBat beats with you.

Biel (Physiotherapy and Heart Physiotherapy):

Hi, I’m Biel Andreu Torrents, director and physiotherapist of FisioBat. Physiotherapist since 2014, working in Paris as a physiotherapist specializing in cardiac physiotherapy. I have moved to Vilanova with great desire and enthusiasm to be able to offer you my service and knowledge as a specialist. FisioBat is at your disposal as a physiotherapy health center with home service specialized in cardiac physiotherapy.

FisioBat beats with you.

Ana (Child and Pediatric Physiotherapy):

I’m Ana Fernández, registered physiotherapist number 9007. I am a girl passionate about the world of pediatric physiotherapy and children’s psychomotor skills. My specialization is NEURODEVELOPMENT of the child, family support and PEDIATRIC RESPIRATORY physiotherapy. I am very happy to announce that, starting in September, you will be able to find me collaborating at fisioBat on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. We will offer pediatric physiotherapy in order to accompany those children who need psychomotor stimulation. I’m waiting for you!

FisioBat beats with you.

Abel (Physiotherapy and physiotherapy at home):

I am Abel Palomares, PHYSIOTHERAPIST graduated from Ramón Llull University – Blanquerna and member number 15,740. I am very excited to be part of this great work team where I can offer my knowledge to improve your quality of life You can find me at FisioBat every afternoon and Saturday morning, offering physiotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders, physiotherapy at home throughout the region and lymphatic drainage among others.

FisioBat beats with you.

Ariadna (Dietist and Nutritionist):

My name is Ariadna Rovira Romero, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with Num. Col. CAT001814. I love my profession and I love helping people find their best version by learning how to eat well and learning how to organize weekly menus. In this way we manage to maintain a healthy relationship with food by avoiding restrictive diets. Don’t be fooled, you don’t have to suffer to diet. Good eating habits without restrictions = SUCCESS Set your goals, I’ll help you achieve them! do you cheer From now on you can find me working at FisioBat on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

FisioBat beats with you.

Marta (Postpartum Physiotherapy and Indiba):

I am Marta Pluvins, physiotherapist graduated at the URV in 2001 and my career and training is developed in several stages: Physiotherapy, physio-esthetics, pelvic floor, hypopressive abdominal gymnastics and pre and post partum and wellness. In addition, one of my passions is to combine my profession as a therapist with the training of professionals in the use of equipment and the Beautysim technique. My main treatment goal is for the patient to achieve their maximum level of well-being by adapting each session to their therapeutic and personal needs. I look forward to seeing you at FisioBat on Friday mornings and Tuesday afternoons to help you feel the best version of you.

FisioBat beats with you.

Yvonne (Osteopathy and physiotherapy):

I am Yvonne, PHYSIOTHERAPIST and OSTEOPATHY, graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Escoles Universitàries Gimbernat – collegiate number 15086. The satisfaction and fulfillment I feel both personally and professionally with your progress thanks to my small help is the that I am passionate about my profession. That is why I integrate all my knowledge to offer you the best global and individualized treatment that is in my hands. Happy and very excited to start this new stage at FisioBat.

FisioBat beats with you.

Núria (Body Treatments):

I am Núria Ruiz, I have always been passionate about Natural Medicine, my great life goal is to reach the maximum number of years with the best possible health. That is why I work in the field of Natural medicine and specialized in Organic cosmetics.
Since 2008, I have been an herbalist and do therapeutic facials. These are sessions in which your skin will enjoy a good cleansing at a cellular level, with the best nutrients to regenerate and hydrate your skin. And the body will enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage.

FisioBat beats with you.