Osteopathy uses manual therapy to diagnose and treat mobility dysfunctions in the human body, addressing musculoskeletal pathologies and pediatric problems through anatomical and physiological techniques developed for more than a century. Its goal is to restore body balance and improve general health by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal structure.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is the science and art of diagnosing and treating mobility dysfunctions of the human body’s tissues, causing disorders and disturbing the organism’s health state. It is a health discipline based on manual therapy.

This specialty is oriented to restore and maintain the body’s balance to achieve its recovery and preserve its self-regulation capacity.

Osteopathy mainly treats the most frequent musculoskeletal pathologies such as: 👉🏼 lower back pain

👉🏼 neck pain

👉🏼 upper back pain

👉🏼 sprains

👉🏼 shoulder pain

👉🏼 tendinitis

👉🏼 arthritis

👉🏼 sciatica

In short, those common osteomuscular conditions.

It is also very effective in specific cases such as migraines, vertigo, otitis, and circulatory problems.

fisioterapia en vilanova
fisioterapia en vilanova

What is it based on and what conditions does it treat?

Based on:

📝 Anatomy and physiology of the human body.

📝 Knowledge of how different tissues are involved in disease production.

📝 The application of techniques to normalize altered functions.

📝 Techniques that Osteopathy has developed over more than a century of the discipline’s evolution (the first school of Osteopathy dates from 1892 in the United States) through Osteopathy Schools or Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.

It also has good results in Pediatrics, both in neonates and infants.

The most frequent pediatric osteopathy treated pathologies are:

✅ Plagiocephaly

✅ Torticollis

✅ Infant colic

✅ Sleep disturbances

✅ Irritability

✅ Constipation

✅ Sprain

An osteopath uses physical manipulation to increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, and improve blood flow to tissues. They also offer advice on posture, recommend exercises to aid rapid recovery, and prevent symptoms from reappearing.

The treatment’s goal is to improve the overall health of all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal structure.

When do we have to go to the osteopath?

Manual therapy techniques from an osteopath can be helpful for the problems listed above, especially back pain.

They also visit an osteopath to treat conditions such as migraine, menstruations painful menstruations ;”>.

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