Our nutritionist offers you a personalized diet focused on cardiovascular foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and nuts, adapted to your physical constitution and health goals, in addition to providing you with professional advice and healthy recipes to maintain beneficial dietary habits.

Why should you make an appointment with us?

Why should you make an appointment with our nutritionist @ariroviranutricio?

1️⃣ She will evaluate your physical constitution and customize your diet:

Based on your body type, fat percentage, muscle mass, body weight, anthropometric measurements, and other important data, she will prepare a nutritional plan for you.

2️⃣ She will help you achieve your goal:

What is yours? Losing weight? Shedding fat? Gaining muscle? Improving digestion and reducing stomach discomfort? Do you want to become a vegetarian or vegan and don’t know how to go about it? Or maybe you want to organize your meals and improve your diet? Tell her your goal, and she will help you achieve it!

3️⃣ She will give you professional advice:

As useful as recommendations for when you go out to eat so it won’t affect your goal. Or ideas for snacks when you suddenly get hungry!

4️⃣ She will guide you to maintain healthy habits:

Gradually change some habits that can affect health, such as promoting sports practice, reducing sugar consumption, replacing some foods with healthier options, etc.

5️⃣ She will give you very good recipes:

Have you ever seen a diet that includes paella on the weekend? Or a pizza? With our nutritionist, everything is possible! She will give you the best recipes to not deprive yourself of anything while eating healthily.

nutrición y estetica
nutrición y estetica

What does the first Nutrition visit include?

Our nutritionist @ariroviranutricio aims to understand your case and help you achieve your goals.

To do this, a nutritional interview 📝 is conducted to learn about your lifestyle, eating habits, type of work, dietary preferences, allergies or intolerances, diseases, medication, and, most importantly, to understand your objectives. Having clear objectives is essential for using them as motivation points 💪🏼

Furthermore, a complete body composition study is performed, which includes:
– Weighing
– Taking body anthropometric measurements 📏
– Body composition analysis, using a bioelectrical impedance analyzer to calculate the % of fat, % of muscle mass, body water, among other important values to consider for the case.

With all this information, our nutritionist will prepare a personalized nutritional plan for you, suited to your tastes.
This way, you will feel comfortable with the menu, create adherence to the plan, and enjoy the journey, achieving great results! 💯

🍽️ The diet is based on healthy, varied, fun, easy-to-make, and balanced food. The menus will surprise you! 😉

Additionally, a shopping list is prepared to facilitate the organization of meals 🙌🏼


nutri cardio tip

Every week a new heart-healthy habit from our Nutritionist Dietitian @ariroviranutricio

It is very important to follow medical advice, take the medication that has been prescribed, have an active life, do cardiac rehabilitation and, above all, have good eating habits. That’s why our cardio-healthy nutrition specialist will give us a piece of advice or “tip” every week to improve our Cardiovascular Health ❤️

Comment any questions or experiences you want to tell us and we will contact you as soon as possible

Or you can book an appointment with Ariadna here, by WhatsApp (930255728) or on the website